What We Do


Inventory Management

Proprietary Tracker plugged into the ODB-II port delivers data and location with near zero battery drain, and pin-point accuracy.

  • Perform complete Inventory reconciliation from your mobile device
  • Deliver bank audits without the need for a physical count
  • Enhance your DMS system with actual location

Vehicle Security

Know when a vehicle is accessed without authorization and know its location 24/7

  • Without the key in the vehicle
  • Immediately know when vehicle is accessed
  • Customize what alert to receive
  • Vehicles monitor each others

Vehicle Positioning

Position of the car on the lot

  • Mobile app
  • Know where the vehicle is on the lot
  • With the presence of the mobile App, know the location of any vehicle off the lot

Vehicle Statistics

Vehicle life-cycle history of events

  • Where and who test drives the vehicle
  • How much Fuel and Battery is left
  • How long it has been sitting in one place

How It Works

Three Components. Easy to Install. Simple to Use.


The Tracker

  • Plugs into ODB-II Port in the vehicle
  • Near zero battery use
  • Reports location & statistics
  • Proprietary network - all vehicles work together
  • Communicate to the gateway

The Gateway

  • Secure router in dealership
  • Brain of the proprietary network
  • Reports vehicle data to Cloud
  • One Gateway will generally cover each individual lot

The Mobile Apps

  • Access from any Android or iPhone device
  • Admin controls for Users
  • Search by Stock Number
  • Reports on vehicle location and Vital Data


Know your real Inventory!


Easy Access & Set-up

  • iOS and Android support for mobile
  • One touch vehicle on-boarding
  • Easy reporting on all devices

Saving You Money

  • No more lengthy inventory audits
  • No vehicles missing, on or off the lot
  • Move stagnant inventory to sales positions
  • Additional early warning security from the vehicle

Everything at your fingertips

  • Sales associates have a "My Inventory" for current deals
  • What cars are being shown,and by whom
  • Reconcile inventory for bank audits by location
  • Cars needing a charge/Fuel without going to the vehicle

Absolute Security

  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Fast notifications to one or many
  • Without the vehicle being turned on
  • All the vehicles work together to monitor